Review: Fringe S3 E18 “Bloodline”

I’m reviewing Fringe’s latest episode Bloodline, which is the latest episode aired in the US. So if you’re not caught up, or on the UK viewing schedule, consider your self primed for a spoiler. Continue at your own risk.

This  episode of Fringe is a Sideways, I mean Parallel Universe episode. Fauxlivia is waiting to hear about test results on the possibility of her being a carrier for Viral Propagated Eclampsia (which is made up, trust me, I googled it, though we have something similar in this world.) when she is kidnapped.

You know, nothing says “Hello! I’m a Sinister Kidnapping Doctor” quite like black latex gloves and black surgical masks. Is there an actual Sinister Kidnapping Doctor Supply store? (Don’t worry I googled that too, and there isn’t.)

And who still thinks they can keep a kidnap-ee under sedation by “making” them take pills. Is it just me or did anyone else find the eventual Fauxlivia pill spitting a bit obvious? So either our kidnappers are amateurs or they expected her to get away eventually.

But let’s not skip over one of the most beautiful moments of sci-fi on television in a while.

There are two ways television handles a pregnancy.

First is to drag it out over an indeterminate amount of weeks which represent intermittent months along the pregnancy journey which usually ends up in a finale at or around birthing time.

OR it can be taken care of more cinema style with a montage of happy-go-lucky-music with shots of picking out baby clothes, doing pregnancy yoga and practicing lamaz breathing with our mama’s partner.

But what I love about sci-fi is that they don’t need a drawn out series or episodes or cheesy montages. What sci-fi needs is a giant elephant hypodermic needle filled with sparkly blue goo.

You know, for the rapidly acceleration gestation process. Fringe doesn’t fool around, they’re going to resolve this pregnancy within the episode.

And just on a personal note, having been pregnant 3 times before. Even if you couldn’t tell from the outside, on the inside there were moments that felt a lot like this:

She does eventually overpower her team of sinister obstetricians and discovers she’s in the heart of Chinatown. Did you guys catch the Blade Runner umbrella?

Maybe I should rewatch the episode Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? from earlier this season.

ANYWAY, you know who knows a short cut to Chinatown? Our favorite cab driver from earlier in the season Henry Higgins (woah, that name deserves it’s own blog post) who we picked up earlier in the episode for stalking Fauxlivia. And you know what cab drivers do best besides find short cuts? That’s right, deliver babies.

I’m not going to lie. I got all LOST-ified watching this scene and listening to the Giacchino score and I got a little misty eyed at the birth and Lee’s profession of love. Not to say that even though her mom’s says it’s “totally unlike” Fauxlivia to be sleeping with some dude she met in a bar. I still remember the time she killed a man stuffed him in a closet and then made out with Peter. You haven’t won me over yet, Fauxlivia.

So in the end, Walternate was behind the whole thing, the observers are, uh, observing and Baby Boy Dunham is the official name for Peter Jr. for the moment.


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