Review: Fringe S3 E17 Stowaway

This episode of Fringe was all about the faces. Probably the best ensemble acting in an episode that I’ve seen. Each character in this episode really shines through a completely different set of emotions.
This is Peter’s face. It says,”Are you (expletive) kidding me? Do you have any idea what I’ve been through with this woman? First I start a relationship with her parallel universe evil doppleganger, and then I spent half a season attempting to live that down. Once I finally get the right Olivia to go out with me THIS HAPPENS?? Her body is taken over by my dad’s old BFF and now I have to watch the two of them make jokes about human tissue collecting in the old days??

This is Agent Broyles. His face says, “I’m getting too old for this. That’s the thing about clearance at the FBI. It was all fun and games when I was young and curious. All the weird stuff was interesting and exciting. But now I’m stuck and I can’t undo the things I’ve seen. I can’t downgrade my clearance now. I’ve got this agent, who’s pretty freaking awesome at her job, and has the added bonus of being able to jump between parallel universes. This kind of luck doesn’t just fall from the sky every day. She totally rocks at this job. I almost lost her to a parallel universe and now she’s inhabited by a mad scientist. FML.
Now for Bell-livia. His face? “Ahhhhhhh Yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhh!!! I’m so money. You think I would just go and die?? Where’s the flash in that? I can’t just DIE? I’m the most pimp scientist in TWO UNIVERSES. Soul magnets are where it’s AT, baby! And with my newly inflated ego, I’m going to solve some scientific mysteries and see if I can score a date with that Astrid.
Poor Astrid’s face says, “Do. Not. Laugh. Walter. This is my friend OLIVIA and your BUDDY just made a pass at me using her. Also he made a completely inappropriate joke about wearing women’s underwear, AND WE’RE TALKING ABOUT OLIVIA! Remember her? We like her and we want her back, so DO. NOT. LAUGH. It’s not funny.
Lincoln Lee: “Are these people crazy or awesome. Man I really want it to be awesome, ’cause it looks awesome, but the cow confuses things.”

Gene: “DUDE!! Get me OUTTA here!! I think there is a potential that they may put mad scientist soul magnets in me. It was sort of a party before Bell-livia got here. I had the run of the place, but I have to put my hoof down at soul magnets.”

But what did we learn?

This week we were given the theme of Purpose. Our case, Dana, preached about purpose to the people about to commit suicide, and then Bell-livia talked to Peter about Dana’s purpose to save the train of people from the bomb explosion. I felt that there were underlying implications as to Bell’s purpose in returning from the dead, and Peter’s purpose in regards to the parallel universe and the machine. This is something we’re meant to file away in our subconscious to draw from in later episodes. That’s my theory. Also bells seem to destabilize the connection between Bell (bells for Bell?) and Olivia as seen in the final moments of the episode and Olivia doesn’t seem to be resting comfortably in there, does she? I have a feeling we’ll start the next episode with some heated words from Peter thrown at the two goofball scientists.

And who out there got a 3rd grade flashback headache when they started with the train station word problem? OY!

**PonyGate Update** Even Bell-livia prefers the ponytail, though his was distinctively lower and with a center part.


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