Review: Fringe S3 E16 Os

Hello. My name is Jess. I’ll be your friendly neighborhood Fringe reviewer for Simply Television, if the powers that be choose to keep me around, AND if I can remember to watch the aforementioned television show when it airs. I’m hailing from the US and more specifically from Alabama which means I may or may not speak with a suhthen drawwwl. You’ll never know. Heh. I’m watching Fringe on the US schedule. I’ll be posting about Fringe on the US schedule. So if you’re watching Fringe on the UK schedule and you want to keep yourself spoiler free, then consider yourself sufficiently warned.

In addition too all that you should probably know that everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from watching the episodes. I don’t have any inside info and I’m spoiler free, not by intention, but because I lack the time to discover inside information. Any ideas that I post are simply my ideas. If that changes, I’ll let you know. ENOUGH with the disclaimers already!!!

You’re here to talk about FRINGE so let’s get down to it.


“Our protagonist, Dr. Krick was played by Alan Ruck and bonus points if you sang “When Cameron was in Egypt’s Laaaaand..” when he appeared onscreen, ’cause I did. Also consider a serious point deduction if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Seriously, no idea? Stop reading this and go rent Ferris Beuler’s Day Off. I’ll wait here. Seriously it’s a matter of National Security. I’m a patient person. Oh you’re back. All together now, “Let my Cameron Goooooooo.ANYWAY He created a super drug that allows the taker to defy gravity. Whaaa? Yeah, that’s what Walter said. Well not literally, but you get it. It’s not supposed to happen, see? The two universes are collapsing, see? NO clearly you don’t see how this is stressing out poor Walter, who starts a search on the possibility that he could get some help with this matter. You know, from his deceased pal, Spock, I mean William. And this plan seemingly works as we close out the episode and are left with Walter and Nina ringing a bell that will draw out William’s soul magnets that have been deposited in Olivia! Did you get that? Olivia is Dr. William Bell.Remember that time in LOST when Hurley was explaining what had happened on the Island to his mother and he sounded like a nut case? I felt like that just now. And, oh yeah…

Before I leave you and go watch this week’s episode “Stowaway,” I want to take you on a little theory I’m obsessed with that I’m dubbing PonyGate. This is not a horse related theory, but one of hairstyles. Season One and Two Olivia has a trademark look, power suit, white shirt and flowing straight blonde hair.

In Season Three the writers/directors/producers/costume designers/stylists (hear on out to be known as the Puppetmasters) take that constant and throw it out of whack in the introduction of another personality or parallel personae such as Fauxlivia (and now William Bell? We shall see…)

So, let’s talk love story. Peter and Olivia have had obvious tension since Season One. Then Peter is in a parallel universe and Olivia goes over to bring him back (“You have to come back because you belong with me”)¬† and then she is trapped on the wrong side while Peter starts up a relationship with Fauxlivia. Olivia manages to out Fauxlivia and they switch back. From this point on, our heroine is riddled with a terrible feeling of violation. Fauxlivia had taken her home her friends and her love and pretended they were her own. Here, it is in her newly troubled state that we see the ponytail. This ponytail is her new constant except for one tiny moment.

And the moment of exception…

In this moment (“Concentrate and Ask Again”) the audience and Peter probably reel simultaneously. We had collectively forgotten that she’s a knock out. She’s been so wrapped up in the insanity of new love and his-cheating-heart (though technically he didn’t) issues that she’s become sort of unattractive. The ponytail isn’t flattering and the Puppetmasters know that. What we saw with the introduction Fauxlivia is that (Anna Torv is an awesome actress) she’s sexy and fun and dangerous (like dead-guy-in-a-closet-while-I-make-out-with-my-boyfriend, dangerous). AND OH YEAH, SHE’S PREGNANT.

We’re being set up.

He’ll have to choose, and though we’re all pulling for our girl Olivia she’s never going to win over Peter (I realize they’re “together” at this point, but I feel that that will waiver with the introduction of Peter Jr.). It can’t happen until she gets over her jealousy and LOSES THE PONYTAIL.

Stay tuned for more PonyGate.


I’d like to dish out some props to Blair Brown who plays Nina Sharp. The first picture is of her in Season One and then the second is from Season Three.

Way to go, sister! Looking better every year!

See you next time when I review “Stowaway”


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