A Love Letter to LOSTblog.com

Once a month I terrorize the people over at LOSTblog.com. I spend a month reading a book featured (or maybe the better word is hidden – like an Easter egg) on the TV show LOST. Then at the end of the month I host a podcast where a guest leader and I discuss the book. I spend about a day or so posting updates and the discussion podcast.

Most all of the books that we read are classics that I either have read, or SHOULD have read. So far our little group has read Watership Down, The Lord of the Flies, Slaughterhouse Five, Carrie and The Third Policeman.

This has been a really neat extension of the what I can only call a journey. I got onto Twitter about two years ago with the purpose of finding other LOST fans with whom I could theorize with. I’ve easily found around 700 of those fans. The best part of finding these people was that even after the show ended, we all remained twitter friends.

After recording the podcast today, I’m once again really amazed by the people who volunteer their time to keep up LOSTblog.com. I feel lucky to be a part of one tiny facet of their vision. For me the bookclub has been an amazing way to keep the discussion fresh and interesting. We’re not just talking about a television show, we’re talking about classic literature and it’s impact on today’s society. We’re talking about how these book that were written decades ago influence some of our favorite writers of today’s media.

LOST was a show dedicated to it’s fans. A show where a two second shot of a book on a bed could inspire hours of discussion long after the episode is over. I can’t say that with my schedule as a working mom that I would have made time for these books had it not been for the show and the LOSTblog.

So here’s my virtual hug to the people who contribute and read at LOSTblog.com and my twitter friends as well. I hope we do get to meet, but if not, maybe in another life (brotha).


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